Pampering baths - A warm bath affects the body and soul in a very natural way.

The pleasant heat and the element of water lead to a spezial relaxtion.

... sensual bathing experiences that flatter body and soul!

  Champagne bath
A sparkling and refreshing bath activates the body from outside and inside.
The circulation is stimulated and you can not resist the feeling of luxury.
The Champagne bath is very relaxing and also refreshing and revitalizing.
Enjoy the bath alone, but also for 2 persons we have space in our big bath.

Cleopatra bath
For the ancient Egyptians was queen Cleopatra the epitome of beauty.
She should have bathed in milk and honey, that her skin stays young and tender.
The bath causes relaxation and pleasant throughout the body condition improved
circulation, moisturizing and hydration of the skin and cleans it gently.


Rose Floral fascination bath
In the Rose petal bath the soothing ingredients of the rose flower and Essential
oils are used.It soothes body and mind and has a harmonizing, antidepressant
and relaxing effect for the musculature.Soothing ingredients and the fine fragrance
of the rose petals spoil body and mind.

All the baths 30 minutes for 60 Euro