Aroma Oil Massage or Head and Neck Massage
A soft treat for anyone who wants to take a break from the hectic and sometimes stressful part of everyday.
The warm oils help to relax and the sensual fragrance will put you to a world of comfort and inner peace.
Effect: relaxes the muscles • nourishes the skin • gives softness • relieves tension
Duration: 30 min • Price: 30 Euro


 Body Wrapping- Body Treatment
Body Wrapping is a form to support the character. Moisture, care and circulation help to streamline
and consolidate the tissue.
Application at: Cellulite • flabby skin • spider veins • after pregnancy and diets
strong connective tissue • persistent fat deposists etc.
Duration: 30 min • Price: 30 Euro (also availabla as a cure)

Yin & Yang Massage
This massage is there to promote the physical and mental well- being, to stabilize and to reduce
disease symptoms.
Effect: promotes the circulation • relieves tension • nourishes the skin
Duration: 60 min • Price: 55 Euro

 Honey dream Massage
This holistic healing process is based on the Russian/Tibetan medicine.
The honey massage is used for detoxification and regeneration of body and soul.
Duration: 30 min • Price:   30 Euro
Duration: 60 min • Price: 60 Euro

Hot Chocolate Massage
At a Hot Chocolate Massage you will be spoiled with cocoa butter
and gentle massage techniques. Here in this particular massage
endorphins will released in the body and keeps the skin youthful and fresh.
Duration: 60 min • Price: 60 Euro

Hot Stone Massage
The Hot Stone Massage is a fascinating combination of massage,
Energy treatment and the beneficial effect of hot basalt stones.
Duration: 60 min • Price: 75 Euro

  Herbal Massage

The Herbal massage ia an exclusive, exotic and pampering massage with fruits and herbs.
In linen wrapped herbs relax and detox and help the regeneration of body and mind.
Duration: 60 min • Price: 65 Euro


Cupping is a millenium old healing method that was used in folk medicine.
It strengthens the immune system and is completely side effect free.
Duration: 30 min • Price: 35 Euro